GS Stamping Technology

Whether self-adhesive or not, printed or unprinted: For over three decades, the ?GS? initials have stood as a hallmark for flexible materials for stamping. The customers of GS Form- und Stanzteile rely on its highest quality and absolute adherence to deadlines.

Many well-known German, European and automobile brands in the Far East are therefore to be found on the company's reference list. The market for lorries and agricultural machinery has grown significantly. Regular customers of GS Form- und Stanzteile include international medical technology manufacturers, the wood and furniture industry, machine tools, electrical and electronics industries as well as well-known commercial brands.

They all have very different requirements for the development and production of single-die parts, punch parts on roll or cut roll material (adhesive or non-adhesive), which are individually manufactured in all standard sizes and designs. A correspondingly broad range of product and materials is offered.


GS Forming and Stamping

Wherever stamped, covered or shielded the specialists for form and die parts are in demand. In general, GS Form- und Stanzteile prepares CAD data for the customers' toolmakers. This requires that the dimensions are exactly matched, the production facilities analysed, and the materials chosen. A total of 20 machines is available for the preparation of form and die parts according to customer specifications, including punching machines, punch presses and rotary die cutting machines. In the rolling process, up to 1,000 millimetre-wide rolls are prepared for their further deployment. Wider rolls (up to 1,200 millimetres) can be processed into narrower rolls using a separation procedure.